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“The World of Dowsing” online 25-26 ottobre

Online event on Zoom   Saturday: 16-20    Sunday: 16-20

Language: english   Price: 200 euros

For info:

Dowsing is not a mysterious, complicated or esoteric thing. It is not used to know the future, to talk to the dead or to know if your wife/husband betrays you. On the contrary, it is the capacity that every human being has to listen to himself and the environment in which he lives. It is the demonstration that we are multidimensional beings. Dowsing allows us to perceive and evaluate the world of invisible information and energy that surrounds us. The dowser uses rods or pendulums for his/her investigations, but it is also possible to dowse using just your own body, a technique called body-dowsing. We can therefore say that dowsing has always been part of our sensory “kit” since the time of human race birth.

In this very practical seminar dowsing is explained in details. The pendulum and its use. Different kind of pendulums. A special pendulum for clearing and healing. Simple exercises of Physical Radiesthesia and its special pendulums. Dowsing: fan charts, yes and no,programing your pendulum, questions pitfalls, security measures, ethics. Dowsing is especially used to know the influence of food, places, supplements and anything on you, your loved ones and pets. Many practitioners have added with success this amazing tool in their daily practice. Headaches, tiredness and many disorders can be linked to sleeping/sitting in a noxiuos energy place. Your pendulum will help you discover these places. Body-dowsing: your body is a pendulum!!! Many ways to receive answers from your body. Intuition, relaxation  and alpha waves. Intentional dowsing: this is a recent use of your pendulum in a kind of magic way: your pendulum can also act, transform, neutralize,eliminate, heal, even at a distance, moving in the past and in the future. How to transform water in a remedy. How to rebalance all your body’organs and functions and chakras. Shamanic dowsing: energy clearing of people, homes, lands, animals, shops, hospitals, schools, and much more. Very powerful and easy this protocol will literally change your life. 




24 Ottobre @ 16:00
25 Ottobre @ 20:00



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